Poker Game Through The Eyes Of Phillippe Dana

As the fanciful moderator of the well known TV program of children Ça Cartoon for a considerable length of time, Philippe Dana of France has been a standout amongst the most famous person on Canal Plus which is a top cable television channel.

Dana has also hosted the 12 or13 programs on Radio France, as well as he has also written a book titled as ‘Les invités de la fête’ which means ‘The Party's Guests’ that spotlights on his long enterprise in TV news-casting. He is additionally a poker aficionado who has never kept his profound passion for this game as secret.


Barbara Laux : A most beautiful poker player

Barbara Laux is the most beautiful poker player. She is very honest and trustworthy player of poker.

Roland de Wolfe a professional player of poker game

He is a player who won $1,152,623 cashes in the world series of poker tournament.

He is a player who has played in the world poker tournaments in which he has won bracelets as well final tables in many game. He is a player who has played for all the series of poker tournament. He is a player who has managed to win large cashes on his account. He is a player who has played for European poker tournament as well for the word poker tournament. He is a player who has played the game the word international poker games.

Sylvain Loosli makes Game difficult for Opponent

He is a professional poker player who is playing game of poker since 2006. He is a player who has good track records in the game of poker. He is a player who has played at World Series of poker, European tournament as well world poker tournament. He is a player who has 24th place finish for 2,350 Euros.

He is a player has good records in online poker game he has secured top 100 position in poker game. He is one of youngest player and also game changer who has won millions in poker tournaments and also loses millions in poker tournaments. He does not have any record in World poker tour.


T J Cloutier-Poker possesses 6 bracelets

When you think of playing poker, you can consider the professionals path, whereby such a professional is TJ Cloutier who is knowable for his handling style of cards. Such a professional is really perfect in handling those cards. He has won number of bracelets.


Vanessa Selbst: Star player of online poker games


One of the most famous poker players: Taun Lam

Taun Lam was born in Vietnam on 1st of January, 1966. He was not very old when he became a professional poker player. At the age of 19, he shifted to Canada in search for better living. At present, he lives in Toronto. Before he became a famous poker player and gained much fame, he used to work for a metal company as a labourer. One of his friends taught him about the game, and it is not a surprise that his natural talent made him shine. In the year 2007, he finished at the final table at the main event of WSOP.


Birmingham’s John Kabbaj grabs gold at WSOP

The poker professional who very recently moved to Alps to recuperate after throwing everything told that he has began a whole new life in the past 6 months and now things are looking quite good. John Kabbaj was the very 1st British poker player to snatch a bracelet earlier this summer at World Series of Poker 2014, it is the 2nd gold bracelet he has won in his career that dates back to 1990s.


The much famed stars of Texas Hold’em Tournaments

Stu Ungar, the most renowned player is acknowledged by most to the best Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker player ever. The birth year of the Champion of World Poker of three times is in 1953 in New York and he started playing before poker arriving at his adolescents. The adolescent card shark started to play gin early and won a competition at the 10 years old, while on vacation with his guardians. By the time he was 14 he had turned proficient and stopped going to school.


The increasing number of Poker Academies

There's the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, and now the World Poker Tour Academy. The organization behind the broadcast WPT sensation recently revealed poker's most recent leap forward: a thorough Web based training focus. Poker hence has developed more into a sport than just a household game of the past.

Consistent with authorities, the WPT Academy is designed to give a constraining, intuitive taking in instrument for both poker devotees and amateurs apparently equivalent.